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I travel quite often for my job, so it was shocked when my job told me they would be sending people home due to the coronavirus. At first, I wasn’t concerned at all. People overreact about a lot of things others wouldn’t sweat. Working in Las Vegas, Nevada, people there started to panic going to every grocery store and buying every item off the shelves;
All the aisle down Walmart looked as if a tornado had plowed through the store
One night while my boyfriend was at work he witnessed cops swarm in and around Walmart looking for a man who was dressed in a Hazmat Suit spraying an “unknown,” substance all around the store eventually, the police did catch the guy who stated he was doing it for the attention. Everything in Las Vegas closed shortly after that…
Things aren’t any better once we arrived home in Reno, Nevada. Going to get groceries was a mission. You’d think with all the sick and disease and negative-going around people would be more cautious about things and people around them. I try to avoid the news with all negative they expose, but with so many people in a state of CRAZY in Nevada, it felt necessary. They recommend keeping 6 feet distances between you and others. Maintaining that is very difficult when going into Walmart and coming across people who will stop you in your tracks with their cart full, and kids hanging off an will literally cough in your face! The same people who buy 10 bundles of toilet paper in fear of what exactly? Getting sick? Being quarantined?
I don’t know but this shit is crazy!
Stay safe and stay clean!
Stay Home if at all possible until all this blows over. DO NOT GO TO WALMART!

2 responses to “Coronavirus”

  1. This is such a scary time for the world and also uncertain..but during this time I have also seen so much more love and compassion shown by some.. I am so happy to know you are safe much love from the sunshine state Florida it’s so nice to meet you through this platform stay safe ❤ Tania

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    1. Thank You!
      Your kind words make my day brighter.


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