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Awkward is the vibe

Why is it awkward for me to write in front of people?
Why do I criticize myself and my writing before I even give myself the chance?
Am I the only person that is so eager to write their thoughts down, but talk myself out of doing it. I am aware I can be dramatic at times. Yet my emotions and feelings are still valid.
Desperately needing to release I turn to write; I write then erase, again and again until I’m stuck staring at a blank page with nothing to say
Is this normal in people? Of course, it is I can’t be alone in feeling your creative writing is awful. But for me, it’s the feeling I get for thinking about writing…
I feel so awkward when I have the desire to write. Feeling out of place and embarrassed obsessing about what people will think about me based on what I post. I love to write an to make blog posts and interact with fellow bloggers still, I continue to feel the need to enjoy my hobby in private, and far too uncomfortable to write in front of the ones closest to me.
Is that normal?
Why do I let myself get uninspired?
Why is my anxiety so terrible to me?

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