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Old Memories

My fondest memory was back when I was a little girl over the moon, excited to be going on a road trip with my parents. We were on the way to my mom’s long lost best friend’s wedding in Giddings, Texas, Just about 8 hours away from Amarillo, my home town. A short drive for most, but as for me, this was my first ever road trip, we stopped more times than expected just for the sightseeing. To a little girl, it was excruciatingly long, but I loved every minute of it.

I can vividly remember watching all the beautiful trees and all kinds of different cars racing by, me sitting in the back seat of my mom’s little car, my dad in the driver’s seat mom in the passenger. I remember seeing a young lady, maybe in her mid-20s, driving along beside us. As she passed, I must have drifted off into a daydream when all I remember is me wishing I could be her or anything like her when I grow up. A beautiful young lady traveling in her very own vehicle to only she knew where she’d end up. Independent, Happy, and free. I pondered what her line of work could be for her to be able to afford to travel on her own. My parents worked so hard all the time but still had so little. They used to tell me all the time, “traveling is a luxury that we can never afford.” As a little girl thinking, “if my parents can’t afford it, how will I ever be able to?”

All I wanted was to travel to see the world. I didn’t get out much in general, but I always knew the answer would be a no before I was even able to finish the sentence. Seeing that young lady sparked something in me that I never realized until I got older. My goal has always been to travel, and to see the world, it wasn’t just a daydream, it was real. I didn’t know it then, but that memory has been the fuel to my fire. The thing I held onto as I grew up to be the exact beautiful, young, hardworking woman I am today, the woman, younger me wanted to be.

Little ole me

Today I have a great job to be blessed with that allows me to travel and make my dreams come true, and I never even realized it. I am so grateful for the opportunities, and beyond blessed to be living the life I have.
This memory means so much to me because when I reflect on how I used to feel about my future as a little girl, I never had any support. When I got up the nerve to share my inspirations with my parents, I’d get hit with why it logically wouldn’t be possible for me, and money was always the roadblock. Yet, despite all the negative, I grew up around, I still managed to reach my dream without having to worry about money as my parents did, and I am grateful for that.

I am one lucky bad ass young lady!

The women I always knew I could be.

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