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Daily Prompt Question

What jobs do you do in life that you don’t get paid for?

One job in life that I don’t get paid for would be writing for my blog. Although it is a job I have been slacking on . It is platform I have created for myself to express the side of me I’ve had hidden away for so many years. The reason behind why I’ve been absent in posting is because of my own mind. Overthinking, the constant blame on others when really its solely me and my walls I’ve built up around me. It’s me who hurts me the most. It’s me who holds me back from being my true self.

My job to myself is to take control of my life. To break free from the worry, doubt, self sabotage. Another job that I do in life that I don’t get paid for would be expressing the real me, fighting off the negativity, replacing it with positivity, faith, love, and trust. Some days are harder than others that’s for sure! I still have my moments when I just want to give up on everything I’ve worked toward. Days when being a negative Nancy is far more easier mentally than arguing with myself on things that don’t even matter. For example, I struggle with comparing myself and my life to others. It’s a serious issue that effects my confidence and the confidence in my relationship. Still even on my worst days imaginable I work, and fight to get myself out of the negative cycle I’ve put myself in. A job I work hard at because I’ve been in a negative loop for decades that has caused numerous heartbreaks to the ones I love and to myself as well. Everyone of us has jobs we do in our life’s that we don’t get paid for, mine just happens to be my blog about my journey to mental wellbeing ❤

This is a new thing I am trying to keep me focused on writing and posting everyday.
Daily Prompt Question.

Please, feel free to write your thoughts on the prompt. What comes to mind when you think about the jobs you do in life that doesn’t bring in any form of income?

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