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Lately I’ve been feeling blank.

Nobody’s home but

you can see a light is on.

Did you hear that!?

Endless days of war,

Tole to tole with head.

Good against evil

Today wasn’t good

Tomorrow will be better…

It wasn’t.

12 responses to “Blah”

  1. I know that feeling all too well! The “blah” reminds me of a time I pretended to be taking notes on a conference call. I just kept typing “blah blah blah”. It was just one of those days. 🤷‍♂️

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    1. Tomorrow will be better though.., right?

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      1. Absolutely! I’m an eternal optimist. When you wake up tomorrow, set your right foot on the floor first, that way you start off on the right foot! Ba dum tss. Ah thank you
        ..I’ll show myself out. 🤗🤣

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      2. Lol plot twist… I’m a lefty! The right side is the dark side!

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      3. NO WAY! Double plot twist, I am too! I got so tired of hearing the joke “you left handed people never do anything right!” We are twinning!🙌 lol! 😁

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      4. That’s awesome! And boy are those people wrong most artists are lefty’s musicians included!

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      5. They are wrong as usual. We know they are wrong. One day they’ll realize it, maybe, probably not, but still. In summation, God created a few perfect people, the rest of them will just have to deal with being right handed. 😊

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      6. Hope tomorrow goes better! Nice chatting!

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    1. Tomorrow WILL be better!

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