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Daily Prompt Question: What are some things you’re thankful for?

I’m mostly thankful for my blog and my followers, always. I’m almost at 200! THANK YOU!! It means a lot you guys don’t even know.

I’m thankful for my ability to create posts that help me and help others going through the same issues as me. It has brought out the best in me, and when I’m working for my blog, I’m working on myself as well. I use this as a way to keep track of my mental wellness journey. This ties into another thing I am thankful for, my progress over the past few years. Since my blog, my mind is more at ease. I can control my reactions a little better, Now, I still have a ways to go, BUT I’m so glad to be where I am now mentally. I only wished I’d done something about it sooner!

Finally, I am thankful for everyone in my life. My family, of course. Without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today, and I think I turned out pretty awesome!
I’m thankful for the friends that I’m closest to, I don’t let too many people in or involved with my life, so it’s rare for me to have “friends” I’m picky! But the ones that I do have. I hope they know how much they mean to me.
I’m solely thankful for my boyfriend. How did I get so lucky? He’s been with me through it all, good, bad he’s still is so kind and so sweet and caring. He takes care of me, makes me coffee, keeps me calm, easy-going, plus he laughs at all my jokes! He’s going to be the best husband/dad anyone could ever have.
I love him so much. He deserves more from me because I am one lucky girl!

Anyways, I had fun with this one! Don’t forget to have a good day!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’ll see you soon with another!

Please, feel free to write your thoughts on the prompt. What are some things you’re thankful for?

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2 responses to “Daily Prompt Question: What are some things you’re thankful for?”

  1. I’m thankful for my supportive family and wonderful friends! Congrats on almost 200 followers 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much 😊
      The small things in life ❤️

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