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Anxiety coping skills


Today I wanted to share 6 coping tips to try the next time we feel anxious or uneasy.

Coping Skills


Sit up straight, put your feet on the floor, focus on your breathing.
Describe in detail 5 things you see around you.
Go into as much or as little details as you desire.


Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose and imagine breathing in a calming color. Exhale through your mouth, imagine your anxiety exiting your body through a different color then the one you choose as your calm color. Repeat.


Say the following things to yourself out loud, and repeat.
I am safe. I am not in danger.
A panic attack cannot hurt me.
I am breathing in enough air.
I am beginning to calm down.
I am going to be okay.


Go outside.
As much as you don’t want to, just go.
Sit or stand and breathe in the fresh air.
Look at the stars or the clouds and focus on them. Feel the warmth or coolness.


If you’re able, take a shower.
This sounds trivial, but it’s one of the most common ways most people use to come down from anxiety.


Essential oils are another popular coping methods used to reduces anxiety and stress. Most recommended are: lavender, copaiba, cedarwood, frankincense, peace and calming.

I hope you enjoy the day today with peace of mind.


6 responses to “Anxiety coping skills”

  1. I really do like these tips! Especially the one about fresh air, I always love going for a walk. Thanks for sharing!

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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    1. Thank you!
      Very kind words. Glad I can help😊


  2. I regularly use grounding, breathing exercises, and spending time outdoors with clients I work with when reviewing coping skills. There have been times, too, when I’ve had a client with me who is dealing with particularly high anxiety during our session and instead of finding an activity for her to do (because she was refusing to really do anything), I suggested guided meditation. She hadn’t really tried anything like that, so I wound up pulling up a video on YouTube (there are tons!) that played for about 30 minutes and at the end of it she expressed that she was feeling a lot more calm.

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    1. Exactly!
      That’s how I started too, same with yoga.

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