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Affirmations of the week!


Welcome, to this week’s Affirmations of the Week!

Positive Affirmations Every Monday!

Many of us struggle daily with our inner negative Nancy. Although, I have discovered a way to block out negative thoughts. It helps when I write down positive quotes and affirmations that make me feel confident and more at peace.

 When I find myself in a mood for the day, I refer back to the positive quotes and affirmations I’ve previously written to help snap out of the negativity. Happiness is a choice you have to choose every day. I know all too well how easy it can be to fall into that overthinking cycle of negativity and how difficult it can be to get out. That’s the reason I make these posts every Monday to help others like me break that cycle. 

Positive Quotes

Keep fighting through your worst days. It’s how you earn your best days.

Never be afraid to be your authentic self.
In a world full of copies, originality is rare.

The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you’ll tolerate.

Forgive yourself for all of the times where you choose yourself last.

Believe that good things will happen and they will.

Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself.

Feel the feelings and let them go.


  • I can create the life I dream of while being grateful for the one I have.
  • I trust the timing the Universe has for me.
  • I am surrounded by reasons to be happy.
  • I celebrate the beautiful life I am already living.
  • I am so thankful to the Universe for making me who I am.
  • I have a wonderful and beautiful body.
  • I enjoy making myself happy with the things I love.
  • I am proud of myself for doing my best.
  • I accept where I am at this point in my journey.
  • I will look into the mirror and say, “I love you”.
  • I will stay calm through the storms of life.
  • Everything I am going through is making me a better person.
  • Everyone is meant to change.
  • I am manifesting everything I deserve.
  • I am manifesting my happiest self.
  • I am reclaiming my power.

Happy Monday everyone!

Thank you for stopping by and reading!

I hope this helps you.
Have a good day💕


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