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Happy Monday!

Hello Y’all,

I just wanted to drop in and say Hello & Happy Monday! I hope this week is kind to you all. Usually, I post my affirmations of the week on Mondays, but lately, I’ve been trying to change things up on my website, so no post today.

I did finish editing my blog’s theme, and I LOVE the way she looks!

You should go check it out!

Anyways, I wanted to come on here & write about my day so far.

Hubby and I had to travel to Illinois for work on Saturday. We are in a small town called Rock Falls, it’s beautiful here, and the drive-in was gorgeous! The sun was setting, and everything was peacefully quiet. We got in, got comfy, made some dinner, and relaxed for the rest of the night.

This morning we woke up feeling good, and I made us some breakfast, which is weird because I never cook. (It’s a good thing, though. I made it my goal for the new year to cook more.) After breakfast, we relaxed for a bit, and I did some yoga for 15 minutes.

I feel good this morning. I feel like I’m becoming my true self more and more every day! Good things are coming.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the day, don’t forget to do something for yourself!


4 responses to “Happy Monday!”

  1. Hope you had a happy Monday

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    1. Thank you!! You as well 💖


  2. Happy Monday, it’s Tuesday on this side of the world

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    1. Happy Tuesday as well!!

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